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SŪRYA | Sun Ring
SŪRYA | Sun Ring
SŪRYA | Sun Ring
SŪRYA | Sun Ring
SŪRYA | Sun Ring

Our favourite! The Sūrya ring is easy to wear on a daily basis. You will be charmed by its high shine due to its different textures.

Its minimalist design, however, matches all styles and can be combined with other rings as you wish.


Composed of two arcs of circles, it requires several manipulations and the metal must be heated several times. It is therefore manufactured with the utmost care so as not to overheat the metal, at the risk of altering its color and shine.

SŪRYA ring is inspired by the meaning of his name. Sūrya means the god of the Sun in Hinduism and also refers to light, rebirth , hope or even a bright future .

(S')Giving a Sūrya ring is a symbol of encouragement, a new beginning to remind you of your inner strength and light .

Product details

. 14K Gold-filled or 925-Silver

. Available from size 40 to 76 ( Know my size )

. Hypoallergenic

. Water resistant

. Made in Provence 🌿

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